Pain Management/Allergies

Pain Management

Chronic pain is defined as persistent pain that lasts for an extended period of time. It can result from a variety of underlying conditions, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, nerve damage, or past injuries.

Our treatments, depending on the type of pain and area of pain, can be a combination of the following:

  • PRP: PRP is a concentrated form of the patient's own platelets, which contain growth factors that can stimulate tissue repair. When injected into the affected area, PRP can help reduce pain and improve joint function. The growth factors in PRP can help repair damaged tissues, reduce inflammation, and promote the formation of new, healthy tissue in the joint.  A series of sessions may be needed to repair the area, then once a year for maintenance.
  • Theratox: Botox can be used to treat many different conditions ranging from Frey’s Syndrome to Tennis elbow. Usually this lasts around 3-4 months but each area and client may differ.
  • Kenalog: A corticosteroid medication that is commonly used to reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Kenalog is injected directly into the affected area, such as joints, muscles, or soft tissues. The corticosteroid reduces inflammation, which can help alleviate pain and discomfort.


Seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis, are allergic reactions that occur in response to specific allergens present during certain times of the year. Common triggers for seasonal allergies include pollen from trees, grasses, and weeds, as well as mold spores.

  • Kenalog: Also known as triamcinolone, is a corticosteroid medication commonly used to treat allergies. It works by reducing inflammation in the body, which alleviates itching, swelling, and redness that are often associated with allergic reactions.
  • NasalTox: Regulates the functions of the nose muscles, when injected correctly, it can reduce the nasal symptoms including runny nose and congestion.

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