Asymmetry/Bells Palsy

What is Asymmetry?

Being asymmetrical means that there are noticeable differences in the size, shape, or position of facial features on opposite sides of the face. This includes in the eyes, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, or jawline. Facial asymmetry is a common occurrence and can be caused by factors such as genetics, aging, injury, or underlying medical conditions

Asymmetry is something that everyone has, no one will be perfectly symmetrical, however our goal is to try to make you as symmetrical as possible.

What is Bell's Palsy?

Bell's palsy is a condition that causes temporary weakness or paralysis of the muscles on one side of the face. It is believed to be caused by inflammation or compression of the facial nerve, which controls the muscles responsible for facial expressions.

What are the treatment options?

  • Botox: the best treatment for Bell's Palsy as it targets the muscles that are affected by the condition. Botox can also be used for general asymmetry as well.
  • Dermal Filler: Depending on the area and type of asymmetry, dermal filler may be the best option for volume imbalances.

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“This place is awesome, the staff is amazing, kind and have no problem helping in any way they can!! I was terrified getting my lips done but they were very reassuring, explaining everything. I highly recommend getting anything done from them! My lips look fantastic and I definitely will be seeing them again.”

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