Dermapose Microfat Transfer

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Dermapose Microfat Transfer Q & A

What is microfat transfer in cosmetic facial procedures?

Loss of volume in the soft tissue areas of the face is a major cause of facial aging. Microfat transfer is the process of harvesting fat with liposuction and injecting into the target areas of the face after centrifugation (separating fluids of different densities).

How does it work?

Once the fat is harvested with liposuction and centrifugation is complete, a small blunt cannula is used to inject into the target areas. Microfat is optimal by retaining the structural properties of fat while maximizing nutrient exposure. It enables voluization while smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. The result is a 100% natural volumization in the area that is quick, safe, and easy.

Who is a good candidate?

Men and women who have noticed a loss in facial volume from particular areas of the face including but not limited to: under eye area, back of hands, scarring due to acne, creases around mouth and nose, and cheek, lip, and chin augmentation.