So you don't want that "frozen" look? Let me tell you about Microinfusion Therapy.

Microinfusion Therapy Facial

If you are beginning to notice the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your face, but want to avoid a strong treatment like Botox, you might want to consider a Microinfusion Facial (also known as Microtox). This popular treatment will intentionally leave some natural movement of the facial muscles, unlike Botox, which fully relaxes some facial muscles.

While you may have a few subtle fine lines left after your Microinfusion Facial, you will achieve a more "natural" Botox look and your ability to make facial expressions will remain intact. This procedure is especially beneficial if you do not want anyone to know that you have undergone a Botox treatment.

For this procedure we use a device that contains 20 needles that are each finer in width than a strand of human hair and plated in 24K gold to infuse a customized "cocktail" of Botox, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins, and Dermal Fillers. 

Vitamin B-12 can help to improve large pores while Hyaluronic Acid will help your skin retain moisture. Stem Cells can also be used in order to improve laxity, reduce fine lines, and promote faster healing. Dermal Fillers mixed with Botox will not only improve the hydration of the skin but also fine lines around the eyes, lips, forehead, jawline and hands without imparting extra volume or muscle relaxation. My job is to create the perfect formula for your skin type and desired results. 

How much does this luxe procedure cost? That is dependant upon the contents of your customized "cocktail" and the size of the area to be treated. 

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Barb Aragon, Skincare Specialist/Esthetic Laser Specialist Barb Aragon Barb Aragon is a Skincare and Esthetic Laser Specialist with 15 years experience in the Medical field.