Dermapose Fat Transfer is the "Multitasker" you've been waiting for!

Have you ever wished you coulod take the fat from your belly and "put it somewhere else"? I know I have! As I age and experience volume loss in my face, I realize that I don't want to be continuously subjecting myself to Dermal Filler injections and the just they incur.


As time marches on, we start to feel as though our lips are shrinking, that our facial structure is changing and becoming disproportionate. or that we could just use some "lift" in our upper face. We faithfully schedule with our trusted injector, who is our miracle worker and saving grace. We take their advice so that we wake up the next morning feeling like we've had a face lift!Time and again, fillers provide impressive results that we wish would last forever. With most filler formulas, the sad reality is that the results typically last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. 

...Until now....


Microfat and Nanofat transfer is the future of aesthetics. With this procedure we are seeing that grafting can be effective in skin rejuvenation, collagen production, and volume enhancement, and all while providing the same physical results (if not better) as dermal fillers... BUT PERMANENTLY!


Here's how it works: Fat is harvested via liposuction from areas that have excess fat such as the abdomen or inner thighs. The liposuction canula is inserted in a very small incision site that does not require stitches for healing. The fat is then "resized" to smaller, softer particles using a type of "straining system". The Microfat and/or Nanofat (Nanofat is molecularly smaller than Microfat) is then injected into areas of the face needing volume or structure using a small needle or canula. The fat acquires a blood supply and will stick around for a long time, and in some cases even permanently. The abundance of fat relative to filler and the longevity of the results often makes this a more cost-effective treatment for patients with significantg volume loss.


When fat is injected in the temples, chin, cheeks, nasolabial folds, marionette lines, and lips, the results not only improve the thickness of th skin but also the dermis and the epidermis. It is suggested by scientists that this improvement is caused by stem cells transferred with the fat  infiltrating the skin and causing a rejuvenating effect.


This all sounds amazing, right? I think so! In fact, I KNOW so, because I finally tried it myself and the results are undeniable. Recovery was remarkably easy and my face did not bruise at all. Although there wasn't enough fat removed from my abdomen for me to notice much of a reduction, the difference in my face where the fat was added, showed dramatic resuls. I am fully recovered and absolutely loving the procedure and results. I'm looking forward to sharing my Dermapose reults with you.



Barb Aragon, Skincare Specialist/Esthetic Laser Specialist Barb Aragon Barb Aragon is a Skincare and Esthetic Laser Specialist with 15 years experience in the Medical field.

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