With advancing age, gradual loss of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis contribute to wrinkle formation. Marionette lines and smile lines also known as nasolabial folds, manifest as facial volume begins to deplete. The face begins to look tired, angry or sad even when we are in a fantastic mood. Replenishing lost volume and providing lift are two keys to diminishing the appearance of facial wrinkles, lines and folds. A non-invasive and long-lasting treatment of these typical signs of ageing can be performed with a dermal filler such as Radiesse®.

A lifting effect that lasts

The younger our face, the firmer the skin and the more defined the contours. The face is symmetrical and “V” shaped. With the right volume, the face will regain the optimum “V” shape, and wrinkles and sagging will naturally reduce. Radiesse® shows lifting and tightening effects on your skin from the moment of the injection. The gel matrix of calcium microspheres fills in the contour deficits and gives instant volume. Treating the key areas of the face with Radiesse® leads to excellent lifting effects, visibly rejuvenating the face.

Volume replenishment in hands

Our hands are an important part of the way we communicate and present ourselves. Beautiful hands give us the confidence to express ourselves in any situation. However, hands are often the first place to show the signs of ageing and can become a frequently underrated problem area not only in thin and athletic women: The skin on our hands is thinner than that on our face and is constantly exposed to the sun and its photo-damaging effects, making it more sensitive to the ageing process. Over time, the fatty tissue beneath the skin on our hands becomes thinner. Veins and tendons become more visible and the skin loses volume. With growing options for facial aesthetics, the hands can seem noticeably older than the rest of the body.


High-end treatment for male skin

Regardless of age, the skin of a man is thicker than the skin of a woman and has more collagen. Men therefore experience less wrinkling and tend to age slower than women. Male skin ageing is a gradual, ongoing process that is strongly affected by environmental factors. Sun exposure, bad nutrition habits, and occupational or personal stress take their toll on male skin. Especially the main structural protein of the dermis, collagen, is increasingly broken down and lost at a rate of about 1 % per year. The consequences: firm skin loses its elasticity, and wrinkles and folds begin to form. Fortunately, today signs of ageing no longer have to be accepted as inevitable. Men can address their cosmetic concerns by choosing a high-end treatment strategy, which leads to natural-looking improvements without compromising masculinity.


  • More than 10 years on the market
  • More than 200 clinical studies and scientific publications
  • Clinical data on more than 5,000 patients in over 100 centers
  • High patient satisfaction (90 % patient satisfaction after 12 months)
  • As Best Filler of the Year 2013, Radiesse® is the preferred choice
    of many physicians across the globe