How does the Vi Peel work?

The Vi Peel consists of a synergistic blend of five acids that no other peel offers:

  • TCA - Trichloroacetic Acid for penetration, deep scar healing, and collagen stimulation
  • Retinoic Acid - An acid derived from vitamin A to combat wrinkles
  • Salicylic Acid - This beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is a strong exfoliant
  • Phenol - A powerful acid with antiseptic and anesthetic properties that aids in skin penetration
  • Vitamin C - Ascorbic acid has antioxidant and mild exfoliation properties

The peel is applied to the face and neck. During the application of the peel, you may feel a tingling or slight stinging sensation that lasts for about five seconds. The peel numbs the skin on the first pass and very cold air is directed at the treatment site for additional comfort. When the peel is complete, the treated area is cleansed and soothing, protective products are applied.

The skin will appear slightly tan or red immediately after the peel. On the first and second days, the skin may feel slightly tight and any pigmented areas might appear slightly darker. Around the third day, you should begin to peel. The first signs of peeling usually begin around the mouth but the entire treated area will quickly follow. With the use of the included Vi Derm moisturizer, clients can maintain their usual daily routine. By the sixth or seventh day, the peeling should be complete and the results are dramatic! An Omega Peel (included in the Vi Peel) provides the final, perfecting touch.

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VI Peel with Precision Plus

Your Peel For Sun Spots and Pigmented Skin

Hyperpigmentation is a condition when patches of skin become darker than the surrounding skin. Although it is usually harmless, it can be difficult to treat effectively. The VI Peel Precision Plus can help restore the skin tone you deserve.

TCA Peel

Trichloroacetic acid peels are medium strength chemical peels that rejuvenate and repair your skin. They improve skin discoloration, reduce fine lines, and even out skin texture.


Dermaplaning with Facial/Peel

A safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). This hair often causes a buildup of dirt and oils in the follicles.

Glycolic Or Retin-A Peel

People commonly use chemical peels and retinoids to combat acne or improve their appearance after suffering skin damage caused by the sun. Retin-A is one of many vitamin A-based drugs called retinoids, and is a brand name for a drug called tretinoin. Glycolic acid is a natural acid that is found in sugar cane.

Lactic Peel

Lactic acid peels are alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) derived from milk. They are very mild chemical peels with little to no downtime. Because lactic acid is a natural human metabolite, there is less chance of an allergic reaction with this type of peel.

4 Layer Peel

4 Layer Customized Peel to treat Wrinkles, Adult Acne, Hyper Pigmentation, Rosecea, & Uneven Skin Tone; Deep Cleanse, Enzymatic Exfoliation Mask, Peel, Treatment Mask, Extractions if needed, Moisturizer & SPF.