3 Common Botox Myths Debunked!

Are you considering getting Botox in Albuquerque? Botox is by far one of the most popular cosmetic treatments for many reasons and has been performed by medical professionals for over a decade. Even so, there are still several misconceptions that exist about Botox and its results.

At the end of the day, it’s really only you and your provider to decide if Botox right for you and at Freya’s Lair Medical Spa we can take you through everything you need to know about getting Botox during your complimentary consult.

But before you schedule with us, let’s start by dispelling a few of the top myths out there about Botox.

Botox Albuquerque


Myth: BOTOX Injections Are Painful

Fact: Botox injections normally cause very minimal discomfort, even if you have multiple injection sites. The brief discomfort that can be experienced upon injection has often been compared to the pain you might experience with a typical mosquito bite. This is probably because of the incredibly thin needle that is used for the injection.

The pain is totally manageable, which is probably why you may have also heard Botox referred to as the “lunchtime injection” because it’s a quick and relatively painless procedure with little to no downtime.

There are also some steps you can take to prepare yourself for your first Botox treatment which can including icing the area before and after treatment—this is something we can do together and I can talk you through the process—and it’s also a good practice to simply breathe deeply and remind yourself to relax and rid your body of tension as much as possible. If you do find yourself to be in an uncomfortable amount of pain during the Botox injections never hesitate to let your provider know!

As a side note when considering treatment, be sure to ask about the differences between Botox and Dermal Fillers because they work differently. It is true that they both lessen the appearance of wrinkles, but they do not function the same. Botox relaxes wrinkle-creating muscles, while fillers restore and volumize facial tissue to give you a more youthful look.

Myth: BOTOX Works Instantly

Fact: You may notice some slight changes right away, depending on the injection site. Perhaps your eyelids will appear more lifted or you’ll see fewer fine lines and wrinkles, but it’s important to remember that Botox isn’t a magic potion. The full results of your treatment can take up to two weeks, so be patient with yourself and set your expectations accordingly. 

Botox does not erase all wrinkles and cannot treat those caused by sun damage. The lines that will best respond to Botox are those that have been created by repetitive movement—such as squinting your eyes or furrowing your brow. These are referred to as dynamic wrinkles, whereas the other lines are called static wrinkles. If you have deep dynamic wrinkles these can also take multiple procedures to treat before the desired results are achieved.

That said, if you’re looking to get Botox in Albuquerque for a special occasion or time-sensitive engagement you really want to plan ahead. We can create a plan of action at your consult so you can look and feel like your fabulous self at your upcoming event!

Botox is not permanent and the effects can last anywhere from 4 to 7 months. While some people may worry that the results will not be noticeable enough, the most common misconception about the outcome of Botox is that it freezes your facial expressions and prevents you from conveying your emotions.

We’ve all see the tabloid magazine that depicts Hollywood stars who look like their face has been frozen in place or they’ve been thrown through a wind tunnel, but don’t let this scare you! It’s crucial to discuss your desired outcome with your provider. At Freya’s Lair Medical Spa our goal is always to enhance your natural beauty, not change it. 

You may also be concerned that if you stop getting Botox after one or more treatments your wrinkles will worsen, but this just isn’t true. If you keep up with your injections this will prevent your wrinkles from worsening and if you decide to stop they will simply return to how they were. The relaxing effects that Botox has on the muscles will gradually go away and as they regain their normal movement, the wrinkles will continue to develop.

MYTH: You should consider Botox when you begin noticing lines and wrinkles

Fact: False! More and more, the benefits of using Botox as a preventive treatment are being recognized among medical professional and in the media. It can be harder to smooth out the appearance of wrinkles once they’ve already formed than to get ahead of the game and treat them before they become more visible and severe. 

Do you have a question or concern about Botox? 

Leave it in the comments and we’ll let you know if it’s Fact or Fiction!